Storyborders is a collection of comics stories by contemporary Bulgarian artists. It is a thematic collection and its theme is differences. It would be also true if we say that its theme is the Other.
Initially, editors thought that – given the topic – we will get comics characters that are different by virtue of their ethnicity, language, religion, sexuality and the like. Contrary to that expectation, now we have as main characters a wooden boy, a flying carpet, flies, dogs dressed in white, a weird female creature with a wonderful voice, talking scissors and a brave Roma boy.

The collection is a dazzling mix of graphic styles and narratives drawn and written by eight grown-ups and one child. The child is the 8 years-old Slavi who is a Roma boy living Fakulteta, the largest Roma neighborhood in Bulgaria.

List of contents

MANGOMANGA  written by Vera Trajanova and drawn by Milen Vitanov
ANIMAL PLANET  by Mila Lozanova
FAR AWAY  by Vessela Dancheva and Slavi Assenov
A FLY AND A BEE  by Nikola Toromanov
PINOCCHIO  by Svetlana Paunova
WHO ARE YOU  by Ivan Bogdanov

Storyborders is published as a part of comiXculture project of Next Page Foundation.